Naturium Skincare


Case Selection and Proposal

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Naturium Skincare
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  • Name of the organization: Naturium Skincare


  • Brief description of one problem or opportunity this organization is facing: Lack of honesty with fans


  • The significance of this problem/opportunity and its relationship to public relations or corporate communication: The significance of this problem is that trust is one of the biggest assets a company can have with their consumers, so when a (new) brand is not transparent with them, it can tarnish the reputation of a brand/business.


  • Which option have you chosen?: A (critique) or B (create)? We have chosen option A


  • Your tentative ideas of how you plan to complete this project:
    • What information is needed: Research about Naturium, the CEO Susan Yara
    • How to get such information: Online articles, brand website, YouTube
    • What each group member will need to do:
      • Everyone will have to view videos of her promoting this brand, so that we can critique what not to do.
      • Gather research about the brand and their products: E. what makes their skincare better than others?
      • Research Susan Yara: who is she, how did she become an influencer, what made her decide to start a skincare brand
      • Research previous scandals that include lack of honesty with consumers: How did they overcome the problem, what do they wish they had done differently
      • Discuss how she could have handled the situation with a positive outcome
      • Create an outline on how to properly handle the situation


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