Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to explore the connections that exist between the CURRENT music and the political, social, and personal issues of our time. You can select ANY music that you feel is reflective of you own thoughts! Assignment: Prompt: For this paper. you are to select one song that you feel represents our contemporary culture and issues that are relevant today. You must include the name of the song and the artist whose recording you are referring to. Include the link to your song, video/lyrics. Your paper should interpret the song and explain why this song is an appropriate representation of contemporary society. This interpretation should address the song’s: Style and related influences Lyrics Performers’ attitudes Visual elements IF you are looking at a video Though this is an essay presenting your personal perspective, your opinions must be supported with evidence. Evidence could include: Personal experience References to specific lyrics in the song/musicians intent 3 Cited references from research YOU MUST INCLUDE REFERENCED RESOURCES in your reflection Assessment: Include specific details from the song (lyrics, style etc.), specific references from contemporary life, issues, and events Is your interpretation clear? Do you make sufficient references to the song’s content to support your interpretation? Quality of your writing (grammar and spelling) Clarity of your explanation of why this song would best represent contemporary life.

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