Mesopotamia, Aegean,Greek, Etruscan, roman, islamic, etc


VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Instructions:

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Mesopotamia, Aegean,Greek, Etruscan, roman, islamic, etc
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For each essay question, make a short outline to help organize your material, with:

A main statement or Thesis making clear what you are going to write about.

A body with examples of artworks to back up your statement.  ALL ESSAYS MUST BE COMPLETED.   YOU MUST USE EXAMPLES!!!!  With detailed descriptions, dates and locations!  To receive credit.


  1. What does belief in the afterlife have to do with art? Use 2 examples, one from the Neolithic period, and one from Egyptian art, describe them in detail, and how each reflects a belief in the afterlife. Use dates and locations as well as descriptions.


  1. What can you tell about the different societies of Mycenae and Crete (Minoan civilization) from their artworks/architecture? Choose two examples from the same medium from each culture for comparison. For example: 2 structures, or two paintings, or two ceramic artworks.  Use dates and locations as well as descriptions.


  1. Early Greek sculpture up to the Archaic period, contains some traces of animal worship (the centaur, medusa, guardian lions, etc….) The appearance of sculptures changes to purely human forms (with no animal traits) from late Archaic to the Hellenistic age. Describe and compare 2 examples, one with animal features, and one that is purely human.  Answer the following questions:


  1. How does the change to purely figural sculpture in the Classical period reflect a change in Greek philosophy?
  2. How did political events help affect this change?


Use dates and locations as well as descriptions.


  1. What basic elements of temple design are traceable from ancient Egypt to early Greek? Use 2 examples, 1 from each culture, with descriptions, dates, and locations






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