Math Essay about Bernhard Riemann mathematician

Format: Your 5 page paper must be written in Microsoft word using the equations editor. No plain text equations. The sixth page should have your 5 references in MLA style. Your paper must be single-spaced with 1 inch margins on each side.


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Math Essay about Bernhard Riemann mathematician
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Procedures and Guidelines:


Step 1: Bernhard Riemann a mathematician who born between 1600 and 1900 that you want to study in more detail. Gather 5 references you will use. Your reference must be published like a book or journal or magazine article, not just a webpage and not wikipedia.

Step 2: Your paper must be five pages long. Two pages on the history and life of Bernhard Riemann. Three pages on the mathematics he did.


In your paper you should not just talk about mathematics, but should actually do mathematics. For example, you may wish to select a mathematician and a particular mathematical technique that he or she initiated. So along with some biographical details, you must give examples of problems and at least one proof. Select material to convey that mathematics is about problem solving. Describe who used that mathematician’s work and how it was used. How would mathematics be different if that mathematician had not succeeded? Perhaps you may want to pick a mathematician who didn’t succeed in solving a particular problem. What impact did that have on mathematics? What was the error? Who else (if any) finally solved the problem? In other words, focus on the mathematics that the mathematician did and how it fits into the big picture. Your paper must have history, problems, theorems, and proofs.

Please write about the mathematician Bernhard Riemann.

Abstract: hdkshadkhkchkhfkdhfkjfhkjhfkjhfkjhfkjfhgjhgjhghjkhkjghjfghfjhgkjhkjhkjhkjkjhkjhh



1. Introduction







Theorem: kjfgjdgjfg


Proof: hfdhskdfhasfjhkasdf



1. Fjslfjlfjlksf

2. Hkjdfhgkghkjsgh

3. Ajglkjaglkjglkjgkl

4. jagkljlagjlkgjlakg

5. Jahnahhjjjjjajhgf

Grammar, spelling, and punctuation:

All spelling, grammar, punctuation correct. No rambling or confused sentences.

Discussion of history :

Clear discussion of history of the mathematical topic and biographical details of individuals involved. References present within the text to indicate where the material comes from.

Mathematical content of the Paper :

Problems solved and theorems proved in a way that makes it clear you understand the proofs and didn’t just copy from references.

Length and format

• Single-spaced,

• Times Roman

• 12 Point Font

• 1 “ margins all around.

• 5 to 7 pages including diagrams and references

• sample followed for title, name and abstract

Length and format as specified.


Mathematical formulas properly typeset using MS Word Equation Editor. Appropriate number of properly sized diagrams and pictures.


Clear and interesting conclusion that captures main theme of the paper

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