Managing Human Resources for a Competitive Ad


Write a course paper about a company of your choosing. The company will be analyzed with respect to its culture; the causes of that culture and its impact on employees, customers and the organization’s performance. You should analyze the effectiveness/ineffectiveness of the company based on class content and should present recommendations/suggestions for the company (also based on course content).

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Managing Human Resources for a Competitive Ad
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Assignment: Choose and research an organization. The company can be one for which you have worked or one that you want to research. Write a 7-9 page paper (or longer). Use the Evaluation Guide posted on Blackboard for structuring your paper.

Part 1: Introductory paragraph


Introduce the paper. Include an introductory sentence that grabs the audience’s attention. Describe what the entire paper will include.


Part 2: I. Describe the organization and its mission


Be sure to include D. What are the major strategic threats and opportunities confronting this organization?


Part 3: II. The Human Resource Function, Diversity, and Legal Issues


Be sure to include H. To what degree and how does the organization support a goal of diversity in the workplace?, and I. To what degree is the HR function achieving diversity goals for professional and managerial positions?


Part 4: Discuss any (or all) of: III. Meeting HR Requirements

IV. Developing Effectiveness in HR

V. Implementing Compensation Systems and Security

VI. Enhancing Employee Relations


Part 5: VII. Summary and Evaluation.


Include A.-D.


Paper Requirements:


The entire paper will most likely be between 7-9 pages (it may be longer), double-spaced, 1 inch margins, Times New Roman, 12-point font, APA format, no double-space between paragraphs. Include transitions between paragraphs and topics to make the paper flow and easy to read.


DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Any work copied from another source over 4 consecutive words should be quoted and properly cited. If any part of the paper is plagiarized, you will receive a 0 for the paper grade.


Proofread for grammatical and spelling errors. Having more than 1 error in the paper will result in a 0 for the “English Language Conventions” section of the Writing Rubric (worth 10 points).


Writing Rubric:

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