Identity and Misrecognition

Please respond to two of the following discussion questions. The first question in red is a mandatory question. You may choose Question 2, 3, or 4 for your second question.

Watch this video to answer the questions link is below:

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Identity and Misrecognition
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Use your best college-level writing, demonstrate that you can think critically about the issues raised by the talk and discussion, use evidence (from the lecture, other courses, etc.), and make sure your responses are relevant.


Your response to each discussion question must be at least 150 words
Make sure you also respond to each sub-question.



Liz Stelk, Executive Director of Illinois Stewardship Alliance, explained the problems that lead to a large amount of fertile soil in Illinois being washed away. What were some of the issues she mentioned? What are some solutions that the Alliance and others are working towards? Were you interested to learn more about our soil health? Why or why not?


We learned about the stories of Libby and Derek Ervin of Glacier’s End. What is their goal for their family’s farmland in Southern Illinois? In what way have the Cottage Food Laws helped them in pursuit of their goal? What did you learn about the Cottage Food Laws today? Do you think the Cottage Food Laws are important policies today- during the pandemic? Why or why not?


Illinois Stewardship Alliance Member and UIS alum Jaqualine Jarju shared her story in today’s presentation. She is currently pursuing her passion as an advocate for good nutritious sustainable foods. What role did UIS play in Jacqualine’s journey to her mission and passion? Liz Stelk is also a UIS alum and mentioned some ways her time at UIS impacted her future work. Have you considered your own passions and personal interests during your time at UIS? Do you think that your UIS education is fueling these? Describe some experiences you have had at UIS which have impacted your goals and your future.


The title of today’s presentation with Liz Stelk, Executive Director of the Illinois Stewardship Alliance, was “Using Our Voices and Choices.” Why do you think this title was chosen? Are there simple measures that can be taken by college aged students right where they live to promote regenerative farming and the availability of nutritional and sustainable food? What are a few of these?

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