Economic decline on the suppressed leading to cultural


  1. Does the paper make a point about the types or causes?  What is it?  Is it clearly stated?  Could you find it easily?  Do you think the main point is really the one the paper is making—or is it something else?
  2. Does the paper state the types and name them early in the paper? What are the types?
  3. Are the divisions mutually exclusive? Have they been proven to be separate or do they overlap one with another?  How might this be improved?
  4. Does the paper explain and define each type? Does it contrast each division to show how they differ?  In other words, is the paper fully developed?
  5. How are examples or illustrations used? Do they demonstrate the main point?  Do they help to explain each type?  Are they developed in some detail or are they just stated?
  6. Does the paper have a rationale for narrowing the scope? Does the paper have a plan for the organization of the types which leads the reader to the conclusion or is it more or less a random collection of types?
  7. What is best about the paper? What works well?  What interests you?
  8. From your reading of the paper and you impression of it, what needs work? Is there a weakness?  Is some aspect of the structure or development not quite working?  Expla

USE WHATEVER YOU FIND USEFUL FROM THE WORKSHOP TO REVISE YOUR PAPER.  REMEMBER THAT THE PAPER SHOULD BE AT LEAST 3 ½ PAGES IN LENGTH—TYPED AND DOUBLE-SPACED (any less and the paper will receive a lower grade because I want to see the development of your ideas).

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Economic decline on the suppressed leading to cultural
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When you turn in your revised paper, remember to turn in the draft if you can and,if possible, the comments your readers made during your workshop.

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