Discrimination in the Workplace

Project Overview

Prepare a 4-6-page (not including title page or references, which makes the document 6-9 pages) academic paper in APA format that presents evidence for and application strategies around creating a program in the setting of your choice to address prejudice and discrimination in the community you serve.

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Discrimination in the Workplace
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This portfolio work project will allow you to present your findings academically and showcase your ability to design and implement a strategy that will benefit individuals and, hopefully, society in general.



You are working in a setting where prejudice and discrimination are impacting individuals in a significant way.


Your Role

In your role at the organization of your choice, you have been charged with understanding a particular form of prejudice and discrimination. You must develop a protocol, resource, or training that will lead to a genuine change in how individuals interact within your organization or setting.

Remember, while prejudice and discrimination often occur in a racial context, they can occur in many other areas of society. Prejudice and discrimination can occur in racial/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability, religious, and age contexts, just to name a few.

You can decide on a form of prejudice and discrimination or forms of prejudice and discrimination that relate most to you and the population you serve or wish to one day serve.



Use information from the material presented in this class, the SRJC library, any additional credible resources like journal articles, university studies, non-profit organizations, and government resources to create an analysis and program design that includes the following:

Explain how prejudice manifests for individuals in the context you have chosen. This section should not be a history lesson, but instead, evidence should be presented of prejudice at the individual, psychological level. In other words, how have individuals internalized and perceived this prejudice on both sides of the interactions you are concerned with, and how has this impacted these individuals psychologically?
Explain how discrimination manifests for individuals in the context you have chosen. Again, this section should not be a history lesson or a sociological presentation, but instead, evidence should be presented of prejudice at the individual, psychological level. In other words, how has this discrimination manifested (psychologically) for individuals, and what have the challenges been to individuals on both sides of this dynamic?
Detail the science behind this particular form of prejudice and discrimination. Where are its psychological routes, and how does it impact an individual’s mind and psychology?
Detail the proven techniques from the academic literature behind changing these attitudes and behaviors. What is the difference in transforming an individual’s prejudice versus changing rates of discrimination within your chosen context?
Find a program that has implemented these findings or other strategies to impact a change in attitudes and behaviors. What have the challenges been for this program or group? What have the unforeseen impacts been of a program like this?
Explain the program you wish to develop, and how would it be unique to the population you hope to serve? For example, maybe there is a great program to model yours after in Florida, but if your populations are similar in one measure, they differ, at least in that Florida is a very different place than California. What things would you do to customize it to the population you serve?
Conclusion: end your paper with a compelling conclusion paragraph
These requirements serve as a form of rubric in the sense that if you address in detail, with credible sources, these concepts, you will receive full points. If you do not, you will receive partial or no credit for that section of the paper.

Deliverable Format

This is an academic paper. It should not be written in the first person.
APA format should be utilized. Pay particular attention to:
APA formatted title page, but this is not included in the total page count. (a running head and an abstract are notrequired)
Headings and subheadings should be utilized starting on page two.
References should be in APA style, including undoing hyperlinks for web addresses. At least five sources should be cited.
12 point, Times New Roman, Double-Spacing required
Word count (not including title page or references) is 2,000 at minimum.
Points will be removed for
writing in the first person
writing in anything other than APA format
missing the word count
not addressing the bulleted requirements above
Grammatical errors and poor transitions
Primary sources (i.e., academic journal articles and university papers) should be very well represented in your references, but other sources like websites and books can be used to support primary sources (.gov and .org or generally more reputable than .com sites).
TurnItIn.com will be utilized to review your paper for plagiarism and matches across the web. A certain amount of your paper will match other resources as you will likely cite or quote a resource. No more than 25% of a paper can match other work online, including your own previous work for other classes. In general, a highly scored paper with proper citations and quotations will have no more than 10% matches. A zero score will be given to papers with more than 50% match, and a 25%-50% matched paper will likely require a rewrite or reorganization to avoid receiving a zero.

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