Your Data Analysis Project will culminate in a report written in APA style that includes the following key components: • INTRODUCTION & BRIEF LITERATURE REVIEW (5 points) o Brief literature review regarding the construct(s) you are examining ▪ Cite at least 3 empirical sources o Statement of research question ▪ Include hypothesis and explain why you expect that outcome OR describe as an exploratory study • METHODS* (5 points) o Research design ▪ Describe the design of the study (e.g., survey, experimental, quasi-experimental, etc.) ▪ Explicitly indicate your independent variable(s) and dependent variable(s) and the operational definitions of each o Participants* o Measures/Instruments* o Datacollectionprocedures* ▪ NOTE: You will not collect actual data from this project; you will either use existing data or generate pseudo-data (see Blackboard for relevant tools and information) o *If using existing data set, look for this information in the data set description. If generating your own data, write this as though you completed the study • RESULTS (10 points) o Restate your research question and indicate the statistical analyses used to address the question o Report findings for your analyses as discussed in your textbook and in class o Include descriptive statistics (means, standard deviations, frequencies, etc. for all variables) AND results of the analysis or analyses that answer your research question ▪ Consider use of tables/figures when appropriate ▪ Include the SPSS output file for completed analyses along with your written report • DISCUSSION (5 points) o Discuss results in non-statistical terms, as they relate to your research question o Note any limitations of the research o Include recommendations for future research • REFERENCES (included in Introduction/Literature Review score) o Cite your 3+ references in APA sty

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