DB 14

Text Readings:
Andrews, M., Boyle, J. chapters 13 (8th edition)
PPT: Ethical Decision Making


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DB 14
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1. What ethical principles are applied to ensure human rights for displaced persons? Describe at least three ethical principles.

2. What factors contributed or may have contributed to Josie King’s death?

With those contributing factors in mind, how could Josie’s death have been prevented, and what process changes would you recommend to prevent a similar tragedy from occurring?

How could the hospital and its providers have given Sorrel King more power over how Josie was treated?

Put yourself in the shoes of one of the clinicians who cared for Josie. How would you have reacted when Sorrel said, “You did this to her and now you must fix her”

If you plan to be a nurse, what are specific things you can do to make patients feel respected and included in decisions about their health care?

1. Description: In 2001, 18-month-old Josie King died of dehydration and a wrongly-administered narcotic at Johns Hopkins Hospital. How did this happen? Her mother, Sorrel King, tells the story and explains how Josie’s death spurred her to work on improving patient safety in hospitals everywhere.

Additional Readings/Resources:
Edmonoson, C., McCarthy, C., Trent-Adams, S., McCain, C., Marshall, J.M., (January 31, 2017). Emerging Global Health issues: A nurses’ role. OJIN: the Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 22(1), Manuscript 2. Retreived from http://ojin.nursingworld.org/MainMenuCategories/ANAMarketplace/ANAPeriodicals/OJIN/TableofContents/Vol-22-2017/No1-Jan-2017/Emerging-Global-Health-Issues.html


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