Create a lesson plan


I’ve placed an order earlier for this assignment, but got a very bad quality work, so I’m here looking for a rewriting and editing. 【Someone who’s good at Education area, please!】 This assignment is the first part of a project, which requires to create a lesson plan. The learner will be a 3-4 years old girl. Skill to be taught (100~120 words) (1 paragraph) 1. Briefly describe the skill to be taught. Use one or more specific, observable desired outcomes. Identify the specific teaching outcome for your skill. 2. Describe your learner including developmental level and amount of prior knowledge of the task to be taught. 【BE SPECIFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!】 Theory-based strategies (430~450 words) (3 paragraphs) 1. Name and describe 3 theory-based strategies (can be from one or multiple theories) on which you chose to focus. Tell why each strategy is a good fit for the skill taught. 2. Note the theory from which your strategy is derived and describe why it is a good fit for your lesson/learner. 【MUST check the “Group Teaching and Learning Project” for more SPECIFIC instructions about the strategies and theories】 【MUST use the textbook to study the concepts, terms, theories, strategies, etc.】

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Create a lesson plan
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“40-Project” is the original version that need a rewriting and editing!

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