Ch 5 discussion reply to Gabriela Cham.

Discussion board reply to the bellow message from another student. Can be anywhere between 100 to 200 words no need for more, and can be one paragraph.


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Ch 5 discussion reply to Gabriela Cham.
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Conservative positions stem primarily from fear and anger, while liberal positions mainly stem from compassion and empathy. I am NOT saying that conservatives have no understanding or empathy, and I am NOT saying that liberals are never afraid or angry. But, American conservatives’ positions are based mainly on the emotions of fear (of Muslims, gays, immigrants, and change in general) and anger (mostly about being told to accept the things they fear).

Another difference is how these groups view the government in general and the federal government in particular. Liberals believe that the government can and should do things to improve people’s lives, while conservatives believe that everything the government does or tries is ruined. Liberals would like to see the US government pay for everyone’s health care, even if it means raising taxes. Conservatives hate paying the taxes they pay now and believe that health care in the United States would be even worse if the government paid for it.

Conservatives believe in social conformity around a rigid set of religious morals, while liberals believe in social acceptance of various viewpoints and moral relativity. Conservatives believe that government interference is the root of all economic problems and that unfettered free enterprise and profit motive is the solution. Liberals believe that unregulated markets are not free markets, and the profit motive can become an excuse to mislead customers and oppress workers.

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