Assessing Our American Literary Canon

Assessing Our American Literary Canon

Select one literary work from any of the Reading Lists and explain why you think it belongs within the literary canon of American writing. You might consider discussing how it explains or defines the American experience.

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Assessing Our American Literary Canon
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Support your choice with evidence from a credible source (a signal phrase for author and title of source will be permitted in this post).


You will have written a minimum of five sentences when you post this assignment.


** I will attach a list below to choose from **


VOLUME 2 Ralph Ellison Invisible Man (Chapter 1) p. 1210 Tennessee Williams A Streetcar Named Desire pp. 1119 (Scenes 1-3) Arthur Miller Death of a Salesman p. 1223 Gwendolyn Brooks “kitchenette building” p. 1303 James Baldwin “Going to Meet the Man” p. 1331 Flannery O’Connor “Good Country People” p. 1367 (Reading Response 5) Allen Ginsberg “A Supermarket in California” p. 1402 Adrienne Rich “Diving into the Wreck” p. 1421 Toni Morrison “Recitatif” p. 1429 Sylvia Plath “Lady Lazarus” p. 1444 “Daddy” p. 1447 John Updike “Separating” p. 1452 Gloria Anzaldúa “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” p. 1558 Li-Young Lee “Eating Alone” p. 1638 “Eating Together” p. 1638

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