Application of Theory Paper Two: Case Analysis

Application of Theory Paper II:


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Application of Theory Paper Two: Case Analysis
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Purpose: To strengthen and enhance skills for critical thinking, assessment and theory application from the Human Behavior and the Social Environment text to “real world” human behavior and client interactions through case study review and analysis.



  1. Students will review the case study provided on page 2.
  2. Once the case study is thoroughly understood, students will develop a paper identifying 2-3 theories from the HBSE text to assess/explain/understand the circumstances as presented of the fictitious family.
  3. Paper should be within 3-5 pages in length.
  4. Paper should follow APA standards in structure, content, and citations.
  5. Paper must include:
    1. A formal introduction
    2. A statement of focus/purpose
    3. Body paragraphs aligned and in unity with the stated focus/purpose of the paper
    4. Conclusion
    5. Reference page citing sources



Students will be graded on:

  1. Use of relevant HBSE text to conceptualize the case study
  2. Development of a clear, unified paper free of errors in editing, spelling, grammar and/or APA style









Case Study



You are a social worker for Governors Community Services (GCS) which is a nonprofit child welfare agency. Your position is within the agency’s family stabilization program.

The Monroe Family was referred to you through the Department of Children and Family Services following an indicated allegation of lack of supervision. In reading the Integrated Assessment, you find that Mom, Tina Monroe age 20, went to work leaving her two sons, Noah, age 5 and William age 2, at home without a babysitter.

Upon your first visit to the Monroe home you find that they are living in a dilapidated building in a small one bedroom apartment in a community which is known for poverty and high crime levels. In interviewing Tina, you find that she is a pleasant lady and highly remorseful for what occurred. She reports that she is no longer eligible for public assistance and has to work to pay her portion of her subsidized rent. She informed that she used to count on her mother to babysit her sons but that her mother relapsed on crack cocaine and is currently imprisoned for drug possession. Tina is currently working randomly assigned shifts at a restaurant within walking distance of her home.

After meeting Tina alone, she introduces you to her two sons. Before entering the room, you could already hear William talking and playing loudly in the bedroom. He bolts into the living room and immediately begins pulling down objects, singing and hanging all over his mother. Noah on the other hand appears much more distant, his affect flat. Eventually Noah seems to sense his mother’s distress with William hanging over her neck and he beckons William to go outside with him to play ball. Tina says nothing to either child as they walk out of the apartment.

When the kids leave the apartment, Tina admits to you that she is really stressed out by William. She reports that he does not sleep, he eats the majority of the family’s limited food and when he does not “get his way” he becomes aggressive and will bite and hit her and Noah. She informs that the boys’ father was abusive to her and the children in the first years of their life. He yelled, he hit her and her sons, he spent the money on himself and he was very jealous of her relationships with family and friends. Yet, because of her struggles to make money, she has considered allowing him back in the home just to have a babysitter and someone to help out.

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