American History

After reading the experts from Plain Folks and the book Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, write a 3-4 page paper answering the following question. Did the Gilded Age and Progressive Era have an impact on immigrants? What was that impact? Did it differ depending on gender? There were many ways in which the Gilded Age and Progressive Era made an impact on immigrants. You should focus your essay on one major impact that you see in both texts. Your answer to this question will serve as your thesis. You will need to back up your thesis with evidence from both texts. The essay should include an Introduction, Thesis, Supporting Paragraphs, Conclusion, and Sources. It should be 12 Point-Type, One Inch Margins, Double-Spaced, Times New Roman. It should include In-Text Citation and a separate Work Cited page for the sources used in the essay.

there is no need to have read the texts in order to complete the assignment. This information can be found online.

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American History
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