Written Report for accounting class

This is a term assignment, 5 parts total. details is in the file. My part is part3 and 4. it needs the excel file we made in this quarter and the link is below. You need to find the information from any resource to adjust the items in “7 forecasts” sheets to do the forecasting, (the tabs are red) detailed requirements are in the end of the file. If you need any information from previous steps just text me.  1. introduction2. systematic analysis of profitability and growth3. forecasts and proforma statements4. valuation5. conclusion Only need to do 3 and 4 https://miamiedu-my.sharepoint.com/:x:/g/personal/zxl874_miami_edu/EVQK-DcAkcNPlrMaeIiZtCIB4p0jWJeLuc96t1DZZcN_BQ?e=vnPu5X

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Written Report for accounting class
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