U.S Census Bureau

You will write an analysis of this organization in 8 out of the 9 areas you see. You may subtitle your sections with these words or make the specific sections you are to discuss in a very obvious topic sentence of the paragraph that starts each section. See Video about your paper here:


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U.S Census Bureau
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For each section, you will be first analyzing the area such as communications and use research to best explain and provide information about the area. You will then weave in examples of those tenets you have discussed and show or critique how the organization is doing in those areas (making sure to reference exactly where the webpage in the organization website or the academic reference the information is coming from). Please look at how to not provide a “good” and not a “bad” or “ugly” example of referencing as that will count against your grade see link here
(Links to an external site.)
(this is from your reference area on the start here module). This analysis should help you understand better each of these areas we are studying in this course by having you analyze them and apply them to your organization analysis.

Start intro with: A background on the organization

Then cover the sections believe in any order that works well for your analysis (8 or 9 areas analyzed)

1) Organization Culture

2) Organization structure and design:

3) Ethics, inclusion, diversity management

4) Communications:

5) Leadership

6) Motivation

7) Power and politics

8) Managing conflict:

9) Managing Individual Stress and work-life balance:

In the end, how well is this organization doing (do not use first or second person tense {I, we, you, us} anywhere in your paper)? You are a researcher writing a formal piece.

Please click this link for PAPER INFO>>CHECKLIST ETC for more vital information (word count, references, etc) about your course paper and your checklist. ________.


BIG MISTAKES MADE ON PAPERS: (required reading)

SELF PLAGIARISM from previous papers or your previous assignments- You must paraphrase the parts of the sources from your worksheet or go back to the original sources (which is what I would do) and fit your paraphrase to support your topic sentence of the paragraphs and place them in the paper with the same care you would any other source material to avoid “self-plagiarism.” The worksheet assignment summaries are not to be used or they self-plagiarism if you come close to the worksheet summary responses. As you know, we are not quoting in this paper, but paraphrasing. You need to learn to paraphrase properly as it is a way to have a better flow in papers as the tone does not change each time you incorporate another source. There are many different ways to say something and paraphrase. Do this and save your grade.

LISTS: Also, do not make large lists of organizations or positions in your paper. If you feel you must place a list or list several items, you can make an appendix with a table (appendices nor tables are included in the word count).

CONSEQUENCES OF PLAGIARISM AND SELF PLAGIARISM ON THE JOB: Recently on the news, a NY editor is under fire for plagiarizing her book. A few years ago, we had a judge removed from the bench in Florida for plagiarizing an academic paper, academic individuals publishing in journals have been embarrassed and in trouble for self-plagiarizing their papers and publishing them partially in a second journal. Now that we live in a world of Twitter, agency heads can be easily embarrassed and their job placed in jeopardy if plagiarism is found on their “public” government websites. This is the time to learn to paraphrase properly. There are always several ways to paraphrase the same information. Please do so. Self-plagiarism is plagiarism, especially in the academic publishing arena. Trying to place a summary or parts of a summary in the paper that was accomplished for another purpose will not only sound like cutting corners but will be discounted completely as something accomplished for a previous assignment on top of it being self-plagiarized. In the last few years, our faculty alone has found papers re-accomplished partially or wholly in one class and turned in to another. They have received a zero for self-plagiarizing. Self-plagiarism and multiple quotes also impact your originality score which, if high, demonstrates that you took several shortcuts and turned in a paper that was borrowed either from an earlier assignment or from other authors…this is why you need to learn to paraphrase. It is frustrating, it takes more time, you need to start early, you to understand your source or find a source that is less complex than you can understand and paraphrase (there are some studies that love to write 10,000 dollar words which I put down and find another easier source). Remember that you have to read the entire source to get an idea of what is being said conceptually by the author. Save yourself grief, embarrassment and possibly administrative actions by learning to paraphrase and meticulously cite your sources as you go…not try to figure out later what source goes with what information (never cut and paste a quote thinking you will return to paraphrase it later …this ends up getting you a zero, because you forget to do that…it is a terrible habit to get into). Keep your source information on a separate place until you are ready to paraphrase it in your document. Most of the areas you write on, someone is well-read in them and can tell you if that sounds like something that has come from a particular author. In the case of the NY Times author, unfortunately, the actual authors that were plagiarized are taking to Twitter …it is possible to be sued. All it takes now is a Tweet or a complaint that a company or agency is plagiarizing on their website to cause someone to place their job in jeopardy. I realize some of you are returning to school after years. Note they are using Turnitin in high school now, so be prepared to learn to paraphrase and cite properly. There are a lot of people that are looking at your writing. Plagiarism in any form is academic lying and cheating.


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