The Mysterious Death of Alexander the Great

In 44 B.C.E., you’re Cassius, a Roman senator who favors the traditional republic, reveres Rome’s history and professed values, and who views the centralizing reforms of Julius Caesar as a threat to that republic. You recognize, however, that Caesar is very popular with the citizens of Rome and has the support of the army. A fellow senator, Brutus, approaches you and gradually divulges a plot to kill Caesar on March 15. How do you react to Brutus’s plan?

Consider your options:

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The Mysterious Death of Alexander the Great
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Join it and hope that Caesar’s death with restore the republic
Decline to participate in the assassination attempt, but otherwise remain silent
Inform Caesar immediately and hope your loyalty will persuade him to cede power
Try and convince Brutus that he is wrong about Caesar
Do something else

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