Select 1 agencies in the helping profession

Contact Information

Name of Agency

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Select 1 agencies in the helping profession
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Address of Agency

Telephone Number, Fax Number, Email Address

Name of Director or Manager (including title)

Days and times of operation

Background Information

What is the mission and what are the goals of the agency?

What needs does the agency seek to meet?

What services (e.g. programs) are provide? Be specific

What target populations are served? Include, but not limited to, the following

items: current and past clientele (e.g. shifts in populations); ethnicity breakdown; income levels; age groups, etc. Be specific.

What are the agency funding sources (non-profit or for-profit)? Be specific.

What are the educational requirements for entry level and management positions

Do they take interns? If so, what functions will they be performing?

Critical Analysis

• Personal reflection on the agency. Did the service and agency feel well organized? How were the clients treated by staff? Give at least three (3) reasons as to why or why not you would intern/work there.

Obtain a brochure or literature on the agency and its services

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