Research paper

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I am working on a paper related to dual language students receiving virtual instruction….not relying in traditional ways of using bilingual pairs and funds of knowledge as a main component
As a result of the recent pedagogical shift for learners to a combination of asynchronous and synchronous delivery of lessons due to COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, bilingual learners in dual language classrooms have been attending school in almost exclusively online environments. Due to this surge in digital learning taking place, bilingual learners are now required to engage using different cognitive processes without inquiry-based practice or an opportunity to interact with languages through learning activities. Students in two way dual language programs who participate in an inquiry-based science curriculum have been shown to learn, retain and recall science concepts using two languages (Hampton & Rodriguez,2005) (this was cited in the Esquinca et al (2014) .

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Research paper
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Introduction (1 or 2 page)
Purpose of the study ( 1 page)
Research Design ( 1 page)
Setting and population (½ page)
Participants and Sampling procedures (½ page)
Data Collection (1 ½ page)
Data Analysis ( 1 ½ page)
Trustworthiness and Understanding (½ page)
Conclusion (1 page)

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