Radiation exposure

Work through the attached NASA’s “Radiation Exposure on Earth” worksheet. Use it to compare the numbers you obtain for your radiation exposure with those for someone living in Denver, Colorado. Now read the articles on hotspots in Tokyo (New York Times article) and in J Village, Fukushima (Greenpeace report). Compare the exposures that are talked about in those articles to the ones that you found from the worksheet. Be careful of the units that you are using and the time period over which those exposures are calculated. For a fair comparison use the exposure for a period of a year in milli-Sievert (mSv). Remember that 1 mSv= 1000 micro-Sv. In light of these comparisons do you think that the recommendations of the International Commission of Radiological Protection of 1 mSv per year too stringent? Write an essay describing the problem of hotspots and how you think it should be addressed in light of your comparisons. Use the 3 links provided below as your sources.

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Radiation exposure
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High-level radiation hot spots found at J-Village, starting point of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay



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