Questions about Muscles, Blood etc


  1. Describe the composition of blood and all of its components. Discuss each element that comprises and makes up whole blood.
  2. What percentage of blood plasma is water?
  3. What are the three main protein types found in the blood and what is the function  of each?
  4. Please explain the function of each type of cell found in the blood and listed here:
  5. Erythrocytes
  6. Thrombocytes
  7. Neutrophils
  8. Eosinophils
  9. Basophils
  10. Monocytes
  11. Lymphocytes
  12. A. What is the normal pH of blood?
  13. What is the normal temperature of blood?
  14. Please discuss the process of hemostasis. Identify the cell type that is involved and the steps of        the process that stop you from bleeding.
  15. Name the hormone that directs the process of hemopoiesis.
  16. What organ secretes the hormone?
  17. Where does the process of hemopoiesis take place?
  18. What is the life span of each of the following blood cells?
  19.    Erythrocytes
  20.   Leukocytes
  21.  Thrombocytes


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Questions about Muscles, Blood etc
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Part B


present the similarities and differences of the three different types of muscle. Please focus on the microscopic composition, control mechanisms, locations and examples of these muscles types, and identify any characteristic that maybe unique to a muscle type.






Part c

  1. What is a sarcomere? Please describe it’s anatomy and identify it’s function.
  2. What are actin and myosin
  3. What are the steps in the muscle contraction cycle?
  4. Describe the sliding filament mechanism.




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