Persuasive essay

Writing Assignment #3: The Persuasive Essay (Note: a first draft of the five-paragraph persuasive essay must be submitted by the due date in order for peer-editing assignments to be assigned.) For this writing assignment, you will write a five-paragraph persuasive essay in the APA style. Your thesis will state your opinion on an aspect of an issue and three reasons (or arguments) to support your position. You will need to quote at least three scholarly sources in your essay. The format should be as follows: I. Introduction 1. Use the background information from your cause/effect paragraph for your introduction, revising as needed. 2. Include at least one quotation in APA style. 3. End paragraph with your three-part thesis statement. II. Body Paragraph 1 1. Topic sentence about first thesis point (no source information) 2. Explain your view with specific supporting details and evidence. 3. Include one quotation and one paraphrase cited in APA style. 4. Closing sentence in your own words (no source information). III. Body Paragraph 2 (repeat steps for Body Paragraph 1) IV. Body Paragraph 3 (repeat steps for Body Paragraph 1) V. Conclusion 1. Rephrase your three-point thesis. 2. Include another quotation in APA style. 3. Explain your solution or plan of action for the issue. Your essay should be completed in the APA style, so please refer to our textbook (A Pocket Style Manual: APA Version, 8th Edition, Hacker and Sommers, (2019). The essay must include the below in order to pass: 1. An APA-style cover page 2. APA-style in-text citations for all quotations and paraphrases 3. An APA-style References page

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Persuasive essay
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