Novel Atlas Shrugged essay

English 104


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Novel Atlas Shrugged essay
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Resource Evaluation Assignment:           50 Points


Locate ten sources related to your research topic (types of resources stated below).  Write a short summary of 5 sources and evaluate each source for validity and credibility by applying the seven questions below (also located in the Discussion Board Posting for Week 13).


Be sure to explain/develop your responses.


  • Does the writer support the claim(s) with evidence?
  • Does the writer reveal how and where evidence was obtained?
  • Does the writer recognize that other points of view may be legitimate?
  • Does the writer use sarcasm or make personal attacks on opponents?If he/she does, then you are reading an editorial (which is not a valid resource)
  • Does the writer reach a conclusion that is in proportion to the amount of evidence provided?
  • Does the writer have credentials that invest the work with authority?
  • Does the writer seem biased?


Resources must be objective materials and be from MORE than one medium [i.e.: database articles (journals, periodicals), hard copies (i.e.: books), valid Internet websites (Op-Ed (Editorial/Opinion) articles are NOT acceptable), documentaries, news programming]



  • Any type of resource contained on an Ayn Rand/Atlas Shrugged/objectivist website (, the Objectivist Standard, etc.) or obtained from an Op-Ed [off limits] article referencing the book or author’s philosophy is not a valid resource and may not be used.


  • The assignment should be submitted as an Annotated Bibliography with the source citation at the top of each evaluative passage. Each annotation should be approximately ½ page in length in addition to the MLA source citation.


  • There should be no use of “I” or reference to oneself in this assignment (Follow the instructions on The Don’ts of Writing)




Resources should be in alphabetical order as they would appear on the Works Cited page and follow MLA 8 formatting rules for all citations and annotations

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