Moral and Social Development

Educational Psychology

Read Chapter 2, p. 42, Chapter 3, pgs. 48 – 61 and the attachment “Heinz Steals the Drug Handout”. Also read the information at
Create a PowerPoint or alternative presentation for the required readings. Alternative presentations include Prezi, Google Slides, Visme, etc.
Slide 1 is a title screen with your name, class, date, and title of your presentation;
On slides 2-5, create your own Bioecological Model, based on pg. 42 of your textbook. Be sure to define Bronfenbrenner’s model on slide 2 and the various systems on slides 3 – 5. Incorporate your own personal, specific examples concerning what happens in each context: Mesosystem (Microsystems), Exosystem, and Macrosystem (one system and one personal example on each slide);
On slide 6, define Erikson’s Psychosocial Development theory;
On slides 7 – 11, define and explain the first 5 stages and crises of Erikson’s Psychosocial Development (one on each slide);
On slide 12, explain how a situation in your life or the life of someone you know reflected one particular Erikson stage;
On slide 13, develop 1 original moral dilemma similar to the ones developed by Kohlberg. Remember that a moral dilemma must present two contradictory decisions where both decisions seem morally correct or incorrect. Explain how a person would solve your dilemma based on one stage from each of Kohlberg’s 3 levels of moral development (p.53 – 55 in your textbook). Be sure to provide 3 solutions to your dilemma, one at each level;
Slide 14 is your References page.

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Moral and Social Development
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Use graphics, pictures, and/or photographs to enhance and support your presentation.

Remember to be brief and present information as bullets or in an outline form, when possible. Maintain a note-taking style and avoid complete sentences (except perhaps for slides 12 and 13)

Cite any sources you use at the end of your presentation. Use proper APA formatting.

The Power Point rubric can also be found under the Content and Materials link.

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