Marriage & family in the media

Contemporary media and the image of marriage and love

This paper is to compare and contrast the changing attitudes in t he media towards love, relationships and marriage.

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Marriage & family in the media
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  1. Select one show from column A and one show from column B.
  2. Report the name of the show, the season (s) and the episode (e).
  3. Describe the characters and the plot as if the reader has never seen any episode of the show.
  4. Describe each show’s concept of love either as expressly mentioned or as implied from the characters interaction.
  5. Describe each show’s concept of marriage either as expressly mentioned or as implied by the characters interaction.
  6. The major portion of the paper should be dedicated to comparison of love and marriage in the two shows. Provide evidence from the shows.
  7. Paper should be 4 pages, 14 font, single space, no cover sheet


Column A

Crosby Show

Married with Children

Father Knows Best

Andy Griffith Show

Everyone Loves Raymond

I love Lucy


My 3 sons

Brady Bunch

All in the Family

The Jeffersons


The Simpsons



Column B

King of Queens

George Lopez Show


Queer as Folk

The Conners



Big Bang Theory

Modern Family

Mike & Molly

NCIS: Los Angeles

Law & Order: SVU

The Foster




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