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Attention Getter: A giraffe only needs 30 minutes of sleep a day whereas young adults it is recommended to get 7-9 hours of sleep which is interesting since giraffes are three times the size of us.

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international students
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Audience Relevance Link: Sleep is important and relevant to all of us since we do it every day of our lives, but the question is are any of you getting enough of it? Are you experiencing sleep deprivation? Take a moment to look at this chart to see if you experience some of the signs of it.

Credibility Statement: I have learned a lot about the necessity of sleep due to the fact of reading articles as well as my own experience of how I function with different amounts of sleep.

Proposition: MSU students should take the time to get more hours of sleep at night at an appropriate time.

Preview: There are problems with how sleep deprivation affects your mind but there are also some solutions that MSU students can improve on to maximize their sleep.



I am going to start with the problems on how sleep deprivation affects your mind regarding academic performance.


Body (Problem):

24 hours not enough time to get everything done
Busy lives
School, work, activities, family, and friends
Memory and decision making impaired
Decrease blood flow in brain
Unable to remember things leads to confusion
Source (Video): Robbert Havekes who is an assistant professor talks in a Ted Talk that “one brain region that is particularly sensitive to sleep deprivation is the hippocampus… very important for remembering names.”
Trouble with concentrating
Most time just thinking how tired you are
Do not get the most of your education
Anxiety and stress increases
Source (Website): “Rebecca Bernert, PhD, who directs the Suicide Prevention Research Lab at Stanford, said sleep may affect the way in which teens process emotions.”
Sleep helps regulate emotions
Tired you get irritated and frustrated
Triggered by excessive anticipatory brain activity



All of these problems are avoidable so let us discuss the possible solutions in order to get more and better sleep at night.


Body (Solution):

Put phone away
30 minutes prior
Blue lights keep you stimulated
Source (Video): In a video Dr. Michael Breus, a clinical psychologist, talks about blue light and that it “shuts down your melatonin production more than twice as much as other colors. This means that blue light is stopping your body from producing what you need for a good night’s rest and the other wavelengths are not.”
Read instead
Stop procrastinating
Don’t pull an all-nighter to get an assignment done
Plan ahead
Use a planner
Try to wake up and go to bed same time
Body runs on its internal time clock
REM and Non-REM cycles certain time of night
Best time to sleep 8pm-12am
Source (Website): Markham Heid who is a health reporter and writer has an article in TIME that states “So if you hit the sack very late—at, say, 3 AM—your sleep will tilt toward lighter, REM-heavy sleep. And that reduction in deep, restorative sleep may leave you groggy and blunt-minded the next day.”



Restate Proposition: In conclusion, our body’s need the right amount of sleep at the right time in order for us to perform at the best of our abilities. MSU students should be getting more sleep since most of us qualify to be sleep deprived.

Review Main Points: When you are not receiving adequate sleep at night, that will affect your mind which there are many ways that that can be fixed through some self-discipline.

Decisive Closing: So, let’s work together to stop this public health epidemic and hit the hay!


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