Food Security and Food Supply in Honolulu Metropolitan Area

The written portion of the case study should be about 20 double-spaced pages in length including graphics. Final drafts should have one-inch margins and use 10 to 12-point Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman or a similar font.

The paper is for my urban planning class. The name of the class is Regional Planning and land use, so the paper should be written from an urban and regional planning perspective. The case study write-up should contain information on the following (briefly/statistics/graphs):
1. Land use
2. Spatial
3. Politics
4. Transportation
5. Economics
6. Demographics
7. Housing
8. Employment
9. Health
10. Environment

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Food Security and Food Supply in Honolulu Metropolitan Area
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The main topic: Food Supply and Security: Issues and problems associated with food supply, production, and distribution (social, economic, and environmental) and possible solutions and proposals for increasing food supply security and self-sufficiency (from an urban planning/urban policy perspective).

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