Films on education

watch 3 films (Documentary, Historical Drama, Fiction)
– I chose: finding D-Qu: The Lonely Struggle of California’s only Tribal College, McFarland, Freedom Writers.
write a review of the chosen theme which the films depict. So it’s about history as much as the films. What do they say, and not say? What is depicted about the subject in them? What does your research say about the events, peoples, history? Are films accurate? What do the primary sources say about the theme and films?
The Research, Writing, and Presentation

The project requires 4 primary and secondary sources about the films. I will only count the films themselves (all 5 of them) as 1 primary source. The other sources must be located via research. How do you find sources? The list will be posted on our pages of pre-approved films. If you find a film, not on the list, bring it to my attention so I can add it to the list and approve it for all. First off, use our library catalog. Next, utilize the EBSCO and other databases on the library website. Third, locate sources that touch upon the theme, the people discussed, or the people who made the film. Key people include the director, producer, screenwriter, author (if it’s based on a book), and actors.

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Films on education
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Key Questions To Consider
How is California represented in the film? Is it clearly or barely Californian? What peoples, groups, religions, languages, way of life, dilemmas are centered? Which are absent or periphery? Where are Indians, Women, People of Color, Elder, Families, Workers, Children, and others? What is the Historical context, time period, date of the film? What do the sources say about this historical subject? Help us answer the question: are historical dramas as accurate as documentaries, and vice versa? Who tells the stories better? How do the fictional stories tell stories about California? What can we learn about this history, each other, and California from these films? Be Specific. Cite your Sources. Use relevant quotes and clips.

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