Explain how a human service worker should proceed

There will be one class paper. This will be a well-organized paper using documentation to explain how a human service worker should proceed when his/her beliefs and values differ from the client’s beliefs. Apply the generalist practice ethical decision-making model as a means for defending your position. Utilize the codes of ethics as an additional resource to support your evaluation of the ethical dilemma.

The paper should be 5-7 pages, APA format. (note page number is less than syllabus stated) Cover page, abstract, and works cited page do not count toward the total pages required.

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Explain how a human service worker should proceed
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Page numbers do not include the cover sheet, abstract, or reference sheet.

Use at least 4 external resources, i.e. journal articles no more than five years old for additional resources beyond the textbook. If you use codes of ethics as part of the resources, you cannot use more than 2 different codes of ethics. Be sure to cite them too.

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