Evaluation essay of a movie

Evaluation essay of a movie

Essay 4: Evaluations – Assignment Guidelines
For this assignment, you will choose a book, movie, television show, or music album and write an evaluation of that subject.

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Evaluation essay of a movie
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To get started…

Choose something to evaluate
The subject should be VERY specific
Explore what you already know about the subject
What do you already think about the subject?
Why do you feel the way you do?
Identify criteria
How will you evaluate this subject for a formal essay?
Evaluate your subject
Use the criteria you established in the previous step.
Compare your subject with others
State your judgement as a tentative thesis statement
Anticipate other opinions
Identify and support your reasons
Review pages 202 – 210, which give more information about how to conduct these steps in the writing of your essay.

This essay should be 750 words, double – spaced. MLA format

Before midnight would be great but if not by morning

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