Ethics Journal Entries 2

Week 7 Entry J1 Euthanasia

1. Physician-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia are hard topics for many of us to discuss, although death is something we all face. Do you believe your death should be determined by you or by someone else, in other words, if you are terminal should you decide when your time is over or should someone else? For this journal entry please think about this question and the role it plays in our society. While this is personal, use this entry as a means to discuss with yourself where you stand and why. Be sure that you take into consideration the assigned readings for this week. This entry should be at minimum 2-3 paragraphs, there is a great deal to think about and discuss

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Ethics Journal Entries 2
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2. In this week’s discussion, you were asked to find a case in capital punishment and then argue that it was justified to give the death penalty and that it was not justified using evidence. In this journal entry create an argument based on your personal opinion of capital punishment. You should look at some evidence to help support your opinion and be sure that you explain your thoughts fully.

3. Chapter 17 discusses issues of drugs, guns and personal liberty for this journal entry think about your opinion on each of these issues, what do you think and why? do you have justified reasons for your beliefs? Explain.

4. Do we have an obligation to care for the poor? This is a broad question but think about it. Give some examples and determine what your obligation (if any) is. Should we allow others to suffer when others don’t suffer? Again a broad question but think about your obligations (or others obligations) to help those less fortunate. Plan on a page at minimum to work through your thoughts and use some ethical theory to help you.

5. Should we build a wall or not? What is your opinion on immigration into the United States? Use some ethical theory and the chapter to work through your thoughts on immigration. If you had to argue your point to a friend how would you do it? Plan on 1 page minimum.

6. Given the election we just witnessed and the previous few months what obligation to we have as citizens in keeping the peace? What can we say in our society? Are we really free to express our opinions? Do we still have free speech or is it limited? In the past few months have we been expressing free speech or is it something else? Plan on 1.5 pages at minimum to work through these questions.

7. You should put a title for each entry which should include the Week # and the topic. Please note that you should not submit each individual entry but a document including all entries. While this is not due until late in the semester you should not wait and complete it at the end but instead complete each entry in the week that it is assigned.

Example of what document should include

Journal Fall 2020

Week 7 Euthanasia


Week 8 ..


Week 9..


and so forth

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