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Pick any three of the question from the list. Before answering the question ensure to show which section is being answered for example 1a, 1b, 1c and so on for each question. for each question each part of the question do 1page single space . Only use the material I put up for citation please. also for citation taken from “Prisoners, reentry in the era of mass incarceration” only take citations from chapters 7-10.
Question 1. (a) Describe how procedural and distributive justice differ from one another. (b) Provide an example of how they differ (use an example different from the Engel article). (c) Explain why these two forms of justice may each be relevant for policy effectiveness. Question 2. (a) What role does theory have for risk prediction? (b) What problems exist for risk prediction that does not rely on theory?) (c) How might reentry programs be more effective if they rely on evidence-based risk prediction approaches? Question 3. (a) Why is plea bargaining so central to court decision making? (b) What beneficial effects can it have? (c) What harmful effects can it have and why? Question 4 (an alternative to any of the above questions, if you so choose). Examine Cool Hand Luke or The Shawshank Redemption. (Warning: Each has violent scenes.) (a) Draw on theory and research from the readings and discussions to explain different ways—using examples from the film that you choose—through which prison may increase recidivism. (b) Present an argument for how prison may decrease recidivism and ground it with examples from the film. (c) Identify conditions that need to be present for prison to decrease recidivism. (d) Contrast them with what research says is typical of most prison systems.

Answer any 3 questions of the questions listed below. The answers must be no more than 5 single-spaced pages per question, and they must be typed and formatted as follows: — Title page with your name, the course, and the date. — Single-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font, 1” margins, and pages numbered. — Include the question number and question wording at the beginning of each answer. — Include a references page for each question. (Do not count as part of the page limit.) — Clearly mark parts of each answer (e.g., “a,” “b,” “c”).The questions cover assigned readings as well as the class discussions. When answering questions, cite sources from the readings and, where appropriate, the page numbers in these sources. There is no set amount of citations to include. However, your response should clearly draw on as many of the class readings—as well as class discussions—that are relevant to supporting particular points or critiques that you make.

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Essay question
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