Educational system in the United State

The Argumentative/Position Essay (Fridays)


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Educational system in the United State
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Points 100

Direction: Write an essay in which you argue for (yes) or against (no) on one of the following options.

1). Should there be a common curriculum for all schools throughout the United States to bring uniformity to the education system?


You are making an academic argument, and you are using sources to back up your position, provide authority, and increase the depth and complexity of your thinking. An argument is usually organized with points followed by support, including facts, examples, and explanation to support your position to prove whether a point is valid or invalid. The essay is focused on supporting and opposing Viewpoints (counterargument).

Expectation /Requirements

  • 5-6 pages, but no more than 6, including the works cited page.
  • MLA-style format: Double spaced, 12 pt font, Times New Roman
  • 5-6 sources—some print, some electronic
  • Thesis-driven argument—taking a position and using source-based evidence to build your case and attending to counterarguments or alternative viewpoints.
  • Students will get help in the English Writing lab (10 extra credit points with proof)

Evaluation Criteria

Strong thinking with a clear declarative thesis (claim and position) and coherent argument

Strong evidencerelevantaccuraterepresentative (represent full range of opinion about the subject, not just one side); typical (not outrageous and unsupported); sufficient (provide enough facts, examples and expert opinions to support your points)timely (no older than 5-years)

Support: The argument relied on established facts rather than on emotion.

Coherence: Introduction, body paragraphs (with effective topic sentences) and conclusion are on point, wherein the reader can easily follow your line of reasoning from beginning to end.

Sentences: Is my language tactful, objective, and cohesive? Have I used specific rather than general words? Have I avoided wordiness and used concise wording? Are my sentences varied? Have I proofread for spelling, punctuation, and other sentence-level errors?

Format: Appropriate and correctly done headings, in-text and end-of-text citations



Thesis statement: While many states benefit from curriculum that works for their kindergarten through twelfth grade students, the same is not true in other states; therefore, there needs to be a common kindergarten through twelfth grade curriculum throughout the United States to bring conformity to the education system not only to prepare students for higher education but also to prepare them to be successful no matter what state they want to relocate


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