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Choose a current issue impacting adolescents that is of interest to YOU. This paper must include: 1) Literature review: Describe and explain the issue (at least 3 pages) (20 points) 2) Explain what is currently being done to address this issue (at least 2 pages) (10 points) 3) Describe a way in which you believe this issue should be addressed (at least 2 pages) (10 points) 4) Your paper must incorporate information from: a. At least 4 peer-reviewed journals AND at least 1 media article for a total of 5 references (you may cite more) (10 points) 5) Assignments must be typed using a 12-point font, double-spaced, and with 1-inch margins. You must use APA format. Grammar and spelling will count. You should include a cover page., as well as a reference page (10 points). *This project will be based on your familiarity with course content and critically thinking about the issue..

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