Causes and Effect of Drug Addiction

Make sure you PROOFREAD your MLA format essay before submitting it. Your essay should have background information and a significant purpose (“So What?”) stated in your thesis statement. Highlight the following with color: Thesis statement, topic sentences, and transitional words and phrases. Your THESIS STATEMENT should be in the introductory paragraph, and it should identify your TOPICS in your body paragraphs. Your introduction should reflect your conclusion. If you tell a joke in the introduction, you should reference the joke in conclusion. What new perspective/insight will your reader gain? You should have transitional words/phrases that connect ideas/topic sentences. Remember, your works cited page doesn’t count toward your 750-word minimum. Don’t forget to create a color code key and highlight (4 separate colors) your thesis statement, topic sentences, research (synthesized source), and transitional words and phrases. Avoid vague terms such as “things” and “something.”

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Causes and Effect of Drug Addiction
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