please use link to pick 1 different hotel. don’t chose the hotel that you choose.
please include 6 things ( answer the all questions )
colour and visual imagery is important
answer include.

there is also you need to do 5 positive comments to classmate for each questions as well. i will upload the later

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Choose one specific (but different) types of hotel properties (preferably at opposite ends of the spectrum) and create an advertisement (for each) designed to bring in new leisure business over a holiday weekend. In the advertisement, stress the benefits of choosing that property (2 reasons).

As you create the advertisements (1 for each property), consider the following:

Who is your target market? (list or present this as a bullet/ short phrase)
Will your advertisement focus on price? Location? Amenities? (use or present 3 bullets to state these)
Should this vary depending on your target market? Why or why not? (clearly state using short phrases

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