Article Review

Outline Format for Article Review

INTRODUCTION:  Three (3) Scholarly Article reviews (100 points), APA format.

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Article Review
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  1. Bibliographic Reference- State the full bibliographic reference of the article you are reviewing, authors, title, journal name, volume, issue, year, page numbers.


  1. Introduction- State the topic area of the article. Discuss the objective of the article, its’ goals and purpose.


  1. Summary- Summarize the article as to what problem is being addressed, and what solution is being proposed.


  1. Results- Summarize important points such as findings, observations, and conclusions. What evidence if put forward to support the proposed solution.


  1. Analysis/General Critique- Does the evidence support the author’s argument? How well did the authors present and discuss the research results including interpretations. What are the article’s shortcomings and limitations?


  1. Contributions- How does the article make a contribution the field? Does it provide new results, solutions or identify new issues? Are the issues addressed relevant to current practice?

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