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Module Title: Strategic Marketing


Assignment: Written Marketing Report


Weighting of assessment: 50%


Submission Deadline: 04/12/2020


Completing Your Assignment


What am I required to do in this assignment?


As a Marketing Executive for a chosen company, you have been asked to write an offline and digital marketing report that will determine the company’s approach the next twelve months. As part of developing your report, you have been asked to specifically address the following areas:


  • Executive Summary (300 words – not included in the word count)


  • Three marketing issues (1,000 words – 30 marks)

Critically assess the significance of Three Key Marketing Issues, (these could be challenges and or opportunities), in relation to their current offline and digital marketing strategy. You need to explain the three key marketing issues in full and assess their potential implications so that their relevance and significance is clear. Please note that the task is to be able to draw a bigger picture that helps you identify key challenges or opportunities by using the audit tools. In order to do this, you will need to provide, in the appendix, a detailed environmental scan of the company using x2 different audit tools and a detailed digital marketing audit using x1 audit tool. You should refer to your offline/digital marketing audit (appendices) wherever necessary in the main report.


  • This section clearly identifies key marketing issues and presents a high level of ability to analyse critically using a range of perspectives. Excellent synthesis of elements of the argument including contrary views. Excellent use of information gathered to support and further the arguments. There is evidence of substantial research and evidence of an innovative use of a wide range of reading with clear and consistent evaluation throughout.


  • 3-5 Marketing Objectives (200 words – 5 marks)

Set suitable Marketing Objectives (between 3-5) which will enable your chosen company to address the previously identified issues and to support their growth in the next twelve months.

  • Excellently identified marketing objectives (3-5) which are aligned with the preceding analysis, offer convincing justification and use SMART approach.


  • Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning (300 words – 10 marks)

Critically evaluate the company’s existing Segmentation Targeting and Positioning and recommend any changes aligned with the issues and objectives identified previously.

  • Excellent evaluation of existing business Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning strategy recommended with justification and propose any changes aligned with the issues and objectives identified previously. It further includes the application of recent emerging thought in the field of marketing.


  • Marketing recommendations (1,000 words – 30 marks)

Develop and justify detailed Offline and Digital Marketing Recommendations that address Three Key Marketing Issues, aimed at the appropriate Segmentation Targeting and Positioning and contribute towards achieving the set Marketing Objectives over the next twelve months.

  • This section explicitly relates to comprehensive knowledge of marketing and digital marketing. There is evidence of evaluation of current knowledge and professional practice. It further includes the application of recent emerging thought in the field of marketing.


  • References (not included in the word count)


  • Appendices (10 marks – not included in the word count)

The key marketing findings are supported by appendices which include x3 fully developed analysis at an excellent level of detail using specific tools.

  • 2 environmental scans: SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis
  • 1 digital strategy assessment RACE or SOSTAC


  • Presentation (10 marks)

Report is presented to an excellent standard. The 2,500 word limit has been observed, the effectiveness of the work is organized to a good and logical structure with use of carefully worded subheadings that reflect the content of the sections, spelling and grammar, seems to have been proofread carefully, effective use of tables and graphs which have been labelled and numbered and appendices are referred to the main body of the report and organized effectively at the end of the report. Excellent quality and quantity of sources correctly formatted using the Harvard Referencing system. Font size 12 in Arial or Times New Roman has been used.


  • Overall Impression (5 marks)

There is evidence in this submission that all learning outcomes and task specifications have been achieved to a high standard (according to the final level of study). In terms of creativity and professionalism, commercial awareness of the recommendations, comparison with current industry initiatives.



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