Writing Assignment 2-

Instructions (READ CAREFULLY): Take home writing assignment is worth 20 points. Pick one of the following two essay questions to answer. -Each essay response should be no shorter than 1 page and no longer than 2 pages (2-4 pages total if responding to two questions). Responses should be typed, double spaced, times new roman, 12pt. font, 1 inch margins on all sides. If you are having trouble fitting it all on 2 pages, you can drop down to 1.5 line spacing. -The responses will be graded on the following scale, 3 points for coherence (proofread your responses before submitting them!), 12 points for factual content (have you correctly answered the questions?), 5 points for completeness (have you answered the entire question?). -Each question contains several smaller related questions. All of these smaller questions must be addressed in your response to receive full credit. Hint: Consider organizing your responses into paragraphs that each respond to different parts of the question. -There should be no direct quotations in the responses. All responses should be in your own words! ALL RESPONSES ARE AUTOMATTICALLY CHECKED FOR INSTANCES OF PLAGIARISM WITH TURNITIN. -Do not rewrite the question in your response; simply number your responses to indicate which question you are answering. -Hint: Consider using real-world and/or hypothetical examples to clarify your response. -You will submit your responses online via Blackboard. You can write your response with word processing software. If you do, make sure to SAVE FILE AS A .PDF OR .DOC (Pages format does NOT work), and then upload your response under the “Writing Assignment 2” section. -Responses must be submitted by 11:59 pm, Sunday, November 29th, 2020. Assignments turned in late will have points deducted for each day it is late EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY: Those students that are interested in earning extra credit, you may answer the other question as well. All of the same criteria apply to the extra credit response as do the required response. The only difference is that the extra credit essay is only worth 10 points. Make sure to write “Extra Credit” on the first line of your response to differentiate from your main credit response. THE QUESTIONS Respond to any 1 of the following questions. Respond to the other as well for extra credit. 1. Discuss the differences between bilateral kinship systems and unilineal (matrilineal and patrilineal) decent groups. What are some ways that these systems relate to different economic systems, marriage practices, and post-marital residence patterns (matrilocal, patrilocal, and neolocal), as seen for example in ‘Masai Women’? Finally, discuss the role of bilateral descent systems and nuclear families in our society as they relate to our economy. What aspects of our culture contribute to ideas about marriage, family, and kinship? 2. Discuss the transition from “food foraging” (an immediate-return system) to “food production” (a delayed-return system) and the four modes of subsistence associated with these different strategies for acquiring food. What are some of the processes involved in the origins of agriculture and the social/cultural implications of shifting toward “food-production” in terms of mobility, technology, health and resource management? In order to answer this question completely, you must discuss the specific modes of subsistence, as well as several social implications, making sure to explain why each implication is tied to food production.

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Writing Assignment 2-
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