Technological advancement

Written Assignment

Informative essays are also known as expository essays. The purpose of an informative essay is to provide information about a specific topic. Opinions are not used in informative essays.

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Technological advancement
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Goal: Choose one technological advancement since you have been born. Write an informative essay about how this type of technology has impacted society for better or for worse.

Provide two references that you cite in your essay using APA format. Refer to the Writing Resource – APA Format module page, listed in the Course Resources module (click “Modules” on the left panel list and it is located above Module 1) for information regarding APA format.


Watch the video for instructions on how to submit your assignment:

Play media comment.

250 words or more
12 point font
Double Spaced

Plagiarism Warning:
All essays are submitted to a variety of plagiarism software programs to check for copied material. Copying parts or all of other people’s written work and passing it off as yours is a violation of the school’s Academic Integrity Policy, which could lead to expulsion.

You will need to use a word processor, such as Microsoft Word or Google Documents (Links to an external site.) to write and submit your paper for this assignment.

* This assignment should be created in a Word document or Google doc file so that you can save your work frequently and also use spell check and grammar check. Upload your document as a PDF file.

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