Survey Question 3

Read the information from NASA’s climate web site (click here – paying close attention to the Effect area (click here). What NASA can’t say because it is a government agency and is influenced by political concerns of the Trump administration, is that by 2100 living on the Earth will be what is described by scientist as “living in hell” because it is going to be so hot, with areas of the planet unsuitable for human presence. Read from the NASA web site to get a general understanding of the issue and then considered where Texas is in terms of CO2 emissions compared to other states. You will need to do a keyword search to find this information. After reading up on Texas answer the following 2 questions:

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1. What are the main concerns about global warming in general?

2. What is Texas’s carbon footprint compared to the rest of the states and list 3 policies you believe would help reduce Texas CO2 emissions.


Your response should be at least 500 words, double space with font size 12, and provide proper citations from your sources.

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