Social Policy

You must answer TWO of the exam questions listed below
The word limit for each question is 1,000 words, making the total word limit for the exam 2,000 words
You must state the word count for each answer
Each answer should have its own bibliography
The bibliography does not count towards the word limit
You must indicate at the top of each of your answers which question you are answering


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Social Policy
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1 ‘An institutional welfare state model based on a universalistic strategy is likely to result in greater redistribution than a marginal one based on targeting’. Discuss.
2 ‘Social policy is becoming more closely subordinated to economic policy’. Discuss this statement with reference to the emergence of the competition state.
3 ‘The assumptions concerning human motivation and behaviour will determine the way that welfare institutions are constructed’. Use at least TWO social policy examples to discuss this statement.
4 Citizenship rights and human rights are not the same. Why is it often considered that a Marshallian citizenship approach to social rights is more defensible than a human rights-based approach?
5 Critically evaluate the arguments for and against the privatisation of public sector services.
6 Critically evaluate the extent to which social policies reproduce gender inequality.
7 Globalisation is often argued to have increased inequality and insecurity. Use at least TWO social policy examples to discuss how governments can be incentivised to expand welfare expenditure under the conditions of globalisation

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