Reflecting on how COVID-19 has changed our nonverbal communication

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to assist you in understanding how nonverbal communication impacts your daily life. This assignment asks you to think about several of the concepts we have covered in this course, reflect on how they function in your daily life, and how they have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Your paper should follow proper writing guidelines and demonstrate understanding and applications of concepts, ideas, and theories in Nonverbal Communication.


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Reflecting on how COVID-19 has changed our nonverbal communication
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Introduction: Include a clear introduction with a thesis statement and an overview of the paper.


Part 1: Choose five concepts from the course (i.e. kinesics, proxemics, touch, face, vocal cues, chronemics, eye behavior, relational development, stress, mediated nonverbal communication, etc.) and briefly, but thoroughly explain each concept. In your explanation be sure to define each concept and provide an example to help support your explanation. Next, reflect on the five concepts you defined and explained. Think and write about how these typically function in your daily life. Once again, try to reference specific ideas and examples. You may use information from the course or use additional academic, peer-reviewed sources. If outside sources are used, be sure to cite them correctly following APA format.


Part 2: Now reflect on the five concepts from Part 1 and think about how they have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Has social distancing, courses moving online, many sporting events and other large public events being cancelled, quarantining, required masks, and other changes that have come about due to COVID-19 affected our nonverbal communication habits and expectations? What changes have you seen? What has remained the same? Do you think these changes are permanent or will nonverbal communication go back to “normal” after the pandemic is over? There are no definite right or wrong answers, but be sure to be thoughtful in your reflection and include specific ideas and examples.


Conclusion: Include a clear conclusion that overviews the paper and makes a final statement about the current state of nonverbal communication.

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