Racism in the hispanic community

ow can you articulate this theme as a specific research question? in other words where does your interview subject see racism, as a practice or social attitude, taking place in relation to their lived experience? 2. The purpose of a life history interview is to interview someone about their personal lived experience as it relates to some social question. In this case you have chosen racism, so I would suggest that you focus trying to develop a research oriented question that can get a particular live engagement with racism in particular contexts, such as housing, education, the work place etc. basically a specific aspect of lived experiences with regard to to some social institution or social practice. 3. Finally, this kind of interview is different than say, a journalism interview, that tries to get commentary from experts. Instead you are trying to deeply articulate someones experiences with racism, in this case their understanding of racism (practices, attitudes, and beliefs) The methodology of this interview, an interview with one person, won’t be able to resolve “know why these things happen and what we can do to prevent them from happening again .” However, what this kind of work can do is try to articulate someones lived experiences with social action. Try to keep a focus on lived experiences, practices and and social attitudes and beliefs.
James Crandall, Sep 28 at 4:11pm

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Racism in the hispanic community
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