Quantitative decision making


Technical Requirements:

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Quantitative decision making
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  • You should use Times New Roman, Ariel, or similar font (11 or 12) with 1.5 spacing and 1-inch margins. Your last name and page numbers should be on the top right of each page after the first.
  • 2 pages of text. This does NOT include a title page, references, or optional appendix.
  • The appendix should hold all graphs, figures, etc. and should be referenced in the text. Anything in the appendix that is not referenced in the text is filler and must be removed.
  • The title page consists of 1) the title of your paper 2) your name, and 3) course name and semester, and (4) your affiliation (CMU Davis School of Business Student in XX).



  • Must be in APA or Chicago.
    • Hint: Use Mendeley
  • Minimum of
    • 1 academic journal article


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