Carefully read the following:


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Burleigh Accountants is an accountancy and bookkeeping consultancy service that opened its first office in Burleigh Heads, on the coast south of Brisbane, ten years ago.


You have been asked to develop a number of documents for your Manager in your role as Accounts Administration Officer of Burleigh Accountants.




Complete the following activities:



1. Plan documents


Begin by reviewing the following links that provides examples of documents that you can use to assist you in developing the documents:

· Formal letter:

· Memo:

· Email:

· Reports:


You are required to develop a plan using the Document Planning Template for each of the documents indicated below.


Consult the Style Guide when developing your plan for each document, and you must select at least three (3) different documents from the options above.



The documents you need to plan for are as follows:

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