Demonstration speech

In this speech, decide what activity you can demonstrate in a speech within the time limit. The speech must be between 4-7 minutes so you don’t want to choose anything too complicated because you can’t get it done in time. You want to choose something you are very familiar with, now is not the time to learn a new skill, use a skill that you are comfortable with.

It is important that the skill can be demonstrated while you are presenting a speech, so it would not be good to teach us to swim, or run track, but it would be good to demonstrate how to dribble, or bake brownies. Think about an activity that can be broken down into 3 steps and that would be an appropriate topic for the demonstration.

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Demonstration speech
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As you are presenting your speech, you must ensure that you are speaking the whole time. Do not leave long pauses while you are doing the activity. You must actually DO something in this speech, a visual aid is not sufficient. There must be an action performed during the speech. (Performing a correct pushup)

Once you have identified your topic, create your outline, move useful information over to your note cards, and prepare to record your speech.

There are no outside sources required for this speech, however, if you do use outside sources, you MUST verbally cite the information and provide work cited in MLA format.

Record your speech in front of an audience of 10 people and submit it for grading.

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