Communication Skills  

Communication Skills


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Communication Skills  
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Note: Part of your grade in the class will be determined by your involvement in asking your classmates thoughtful, respectful questions, so you are expected to be present at everyone’s presentations and to ask some good questions.

The focus of this presentation is on “putting together” the various skills in the course with the added challenge of handling questions thoughtfully.

Length: 4-5 minutes + 2 minutes of Q&A

Requirements: Powerpoint or some kind of visual/audio element. You should give your speech extemporaneously. You should submit a Works Cited that is properly formatted and email your Professor your Powerpoint. You may use a timer for yourself, but if you do so, be sure to practice at home with the timer.

The teacher will assign three challenging topics to you and you must pick one of them.

Practice your speech. Practice timing, volume, eye contact, confidence, use of slides, and engagement with the audience.

Due date: As outlined by the course syllabus.



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