Character essay

Students will write an essay in which they assume the figure of an ancient writer and respond to a controversial topic. Students may choose from two debates either the “Proto-Orthodox” vs. the “Heretic” (module 2) or the “Christian Apologist” versus the “Pagan Critic” (module 3). Students may choose whatever debate and whatever side they desire to represent (i.e. you can decide to be a Pagan critic, a Christian apologist, a heretic, or a proto-Orthodox writer)—but remember that for your final paper you cannot choose the same module that you chose for this assignment.

Students will write a three page (800 word) essay defending their beliefs and attacking their opponents. Students must remain “in character” throughout the essay and must use primary source readings as inspiration for their arguments. Students therefore must cite which arguments from the primary source readings they are drawing upon, but students are free to create their own arguments as long as they are relevant and not anachronistic. Please consult the optional readings for more ideas. Be creative with this assignment!

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Character essay
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